PreCalc 11 Flipped Classroom HW

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re as excited as I am to try out something new with Math education! Your homework assignments for this chapter (Ch 8 Sequence & Series) will require that you watch a video of either Mr. Griffiths or myself teaching the lesson. The examples we go through will be available in a pdf file for you to follow along. Some students may prefer to write it all out on their own which is totally up to you.

This is what you’ll need to do:
1) Print out the notes (or not)
2) Watch the video and fill in the blanks & follow along (or create your own notes based on this)

If you’re not understanding something, then rewind that part and watch again. The goal of your homework assignments is to understand the theory taught in the lesson. Everyone learns at their own pace. Some students may understand the lesson after watching only once, some may need to rewind for some parts, some may need to watch the video a few times to fully understand what’s going on. It would be a good idea to pause the video before we show the solution to a question so that you can attempt to do it on your own.

In the classroom, we will work on workbook questions (and you’ll have your trusty notes to refer to). At the end of each class, to keep y’all accountable, I will be having a quiz to make sure people are doing their homework!

Ok I think that’s it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post! 🙂

Ms. Yang


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