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PreCalc 11 Midterm Review 2013

Hi Everyone,

Here are the answers to the midterm review that were not included in the package already.

9) (same as 10) x = (3+-sqrt65)/4
17 sinθ=-3/5, cosθ=-4/5, tanθ=3/4
18) sinθ=-12/13, tanθ=12/5
21) 130°  and 310°
22) b=5.4 cm
24a) ambiguous case: h<a<b   b) a<h
25) BC = 33.1 m
26k) (5sqrt6)/18
27) x≥-3 and x≥5 (latter being more restrictive)
28a) y≥3; y=4 & 3     b) n≥-25/7; n=8       c) m≥-3/2; m=11      d) no restrictions (b/c cubed root); x=-21    e) x≥0 (more restrictive) and x≥-4/5; x=0.

Also note the errors in the Midterm Review Sheet:
Answer #3) minimum
Question #4a) y=x2-24x+150
Question #23) b=24, a=42

Please email me if you find any more errors!

Mixed Operations

I couldn’t find any videos with BEDMAS & Rational Expressions. Just follow the rules of BEDMAS and you should be fine 🙂 Or, refer to my class notes.

Complex Fractions: