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Biography of Mathematicians

Post here as a “comment” which mathematician you’re doing a biography on. It will require that you register and login to my website. Whoever posts a particular mathematician first will get to do that mathematician. Once you’re done the biography, you can email me or print it out and bring it to class on Tuesday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Math 10 Practice Midterm 2014

Multiple Choice:

Part A:
1D 2E 3D 4B 5D 6D 7D 8A 9C
10C 11A 12A 13A 14B 15B

Part B:
1A 2A 3B 4B 5D 6C 7C 8A 9A 10C 11A 12D
13A 14B 15C 16A 17B 18B 19A 20A 21B 22A

Short answers:
Part C:
1) 78    2) 339    3) 45   4) 440  (or 441 depending which conversions you use) 5) 9

Math 10 Final 2010-2011 Answers

Part A Non-calculator: 1A 2D 3B 4B 5D 6B 7D 8C 9B 10D 11A 12C

Part B Calculator: 1D 2E 3A 4A 5A 6D 7E 8C 9C 10B 11D 12B 13C 14B 15A 16C 17E 18B 19E 20A 21C 22A 23C 24E 25D 26E 27A 28C 29D 30A 31D 32C 33C 34E 35A 36B 37C 38B 39C 40C 41D 42B

Part C Short Answers: 1) 8000   2) 7.68   3) 23   4) 3.75   5) -0.62   6) 48