1) For all BC Learners. Complete with an excellent list of resources, video tutorials, free one-on-one tutoring, quizzes, worksheets etc. Visit Learn Now BC. Do check it out! Click on “students” and then “study centre”. Online tutoring is available once you register. Success Checker gives you access to online practice tests. Charged Up also provides excellent instructional videos for your use.

2) Excellent resource for PreCalculus 12 students, including practice tests with solutions!!! Math 30-1 is just the course name in Alberta. Check out Math 30-1 practice exams!

3) Lean your multiplication tables with this super awesome 3D video game!

4) Excellent resource of videos of Math tutorials that is actually listed on Khan Academy.

5) Generate quizzes for yourself. Choose the subject (Principles of Math 12) and topic you’d like a quiz on.

6) Algebra help, of all levels. Complete with quizzes, worksheets, free online tutoring. Visit Purple Math.

7) Free student resources from Discovery. Math help, homework help & games.

8) National Library of Virtual Manipulatives of Utah State University (for high schoolers).

9) NCTM’s Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math (for teachers).

10) Powerful computational math engine. Not just a web calculator. Oh so much more. Plug in the equation you’re trying to figure out, it’ll solve and graph and just print out some beautiful math things. Visit Wolframalpha.

11) Youtube video of how to download a free graphing calculator (TI-83). Click here.

12) Grade 12 students needing some guidance on how to apply to university, scholarships etc.

13) Old University of Waterloo math contests (for high school students).

14) Free online math games! Worth checking out!

15) Explore a world, and to achieve quests you must complete math tasks! MathMovesU

16) Mathamaze is an online, multi-player quiz game that challenges you to solve interesting math questions and puzzles. Play against others across the world!

17) A powerful graphing program that is easy to use. There are sliders to see the relationships between different variables as those variables increase or decrease etc. Check out Desmos.

18) Are you being bullied?? Take a look at bullies2buddies! Practical ways to help you handle your situation.

19) FREE ONLINE COURSES from universities all over the world!!! Learn what YOU want to learn!! Free AND self-directed…. doesn’t get any better than that!!!

20) Unsure of what career to go into? Then take this personality test to see which occupation could utilize your strengths. I must say, my husband and I were pegged exactly where we are in our professions. It was eerily accurate!

21) What is your love language? Take Dr. Gary Chapman’s quiz here to understand yourself just a bit better. It will also help those around you 🙂

If you have more resources that you found were helpful to you, please let Ms. Yang know!







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