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Week 14-Geometry: Circles


(11:12) Circle Notation

(4:58) Length of an arc that subtends a central angle

(2:18) Finding central angle measure given arc length

(14:16) Inscribed and central angles

(6:57) Perpendicular radius bisects chord

(5:35) Right triangles inscribed in circles

(11:39) Area of inscribed equilateral triangle (some basic trig used)

Week 11- Angles and Lines


*(12:57) Notation of Basic Geometry

(3:38) Line segments, rays, and lines

(4:43) Vertical Angles

**(7:07) Angles formed by parallel lines and transversals

(2:16) Application 1

*(4:41) Application 2

(6:03) Triangle Angle 1

*(4:55) Triangle Angle 2

*(5:42) Triangle Angle 3

*(5:18) Corresponding angle equivalence implies parallel lines Proof

(6:05) Triangle Angle 4

**(9:11) Sum of Interior Angles of a polygon

(5:24) Sum of exterior angles of a convex polygon

*(8:31) Complimentary and supplementary angles


(2:33) I

(2:37) II

Worksheet: 11-Geometry I

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